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请注意以下人士以及他们的关联公司均与三五集团无关,而且正在被本公司调查非法行为。他们是:董沐平先生,董伶女士,以及他们所持的中农国信集团和中恒国信集团;朱兆銘先生,Jeffrey朱先生 ,以及他们所持的摩天三五公司。三五集团保留追索这些个人和公司以及所有关联人员和公司对本公司造成损失的所有权利。


这些在中国和其它地区进行商务活动的人士及公司, 其中有些曾经与三五集团有过合作关系,但因背信、违约、越权、造假、误导公众之营销等行为已经被本公司终止合作。他们在未经本公司授权或许可的情况下,非法使用属于三五集团的品牌和商标,包括但不限于:三五的标识,555,T-5,T5,35集团,Triple Five,35,35摩,555集團,555摩,T5 集團,T-5集團,三五摩,T-5摩等。此外,这些人士及公司未经本公司授权和许可,非法盜用本公司的知识产权编制模仿本公司的宣传手册、网站和邮箱等, 误导公众认为他們能够代表三五集团及其附属企业进行商务谈判和签约。




By: Triple Five Worldwide Ventures Limited

Please be advised that the following individuals and their companies are not associated with 

Triple Five and are presently under investigation for appropriation of fund and/or illegal 

activities. These unauthorized individuals and their companies are as follows: Mr. Muping Dong, 

Ms. Linda Dong, and their China Greation Group; Mr. Christian Chu, Mr. Jeffrey Chu and their 

Superlane companies. Triple Five reserves all its rights to cover its damages from these individuals 

and companies and all other persons or partners associated with any of them or their companies. 

These individuals and companies operating in China and elsewhere, some of which may have had a past relationship with Triple Five that has since been terminated due to their significant breach of trust, contract and for repeatedly engaging in illegal, unauthorized, deceptive and misleading conduct and advertising, are using Triple Five’s name, trademarks and trade names fraudulently without our authorization or consent, including without limitation, the use of the Triple Five Logo, 555, T-5, T5, 35 Group, Triple Five, 35, 35 Malls, 555 Group, 555 Malls, T5 Group, T-5 Group, T5 Malls, T-5 Malls. In addition, these individuals and companies have produced simulated brochures, web sites and e-mail addresses incorporating our intellectual property without our authorization or consent which are misleading the general public that they can represent, negotiate for and bind Triple Five and its associated and affiliated companies.


Please immediately check the authenticity of any person or company claiming that they represent Triple Five by sending email to:

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